Instructing current Pace freshmen about how to focus lights while testing designs and color choices for  Disenchanted .

David is an american lighting designer based in New York City. Born and raised into a network television family in Massachussets, David has been involved with production work for most of his life; he began designing for theatre when he was 12 years old, and working in production and editing long before that.

Currently, he splits his time between designing and assisting within the city, and supervising and mentoring students at K-12 schools in Brooklyn, Long Island, and as far away as North Carolina. When not designing, he also teaches Vectorworks drafting to students at Pace University. When not working at all, he enjoys travelling, leisurely drives, and lengthy discussions about anything.

Light is a vehicle for storytelling. It has such a powerful impact on the costumes, the scenery, and the world that we offer to our audiences to help tell the stories we feel so passionately about. Of course, the only way to achieve these creative goals is through the collaborative work of many artists of different disciplines, which David strongly supports and encourages. Let’s collaborate!!!